Finding My “Why”…

I’ve started a stopped a number of things quite a few times over the last few years.

Take this blog for example.

I started it many years ago, tried to build followers and when it got hard, I abandoned it.  Why?

Was my heart not in it?

Was I forcing it?

None of the above.

It wasn’t until recently that I was encouraged to dissect my many undone intentions and, after a long conversation with a business partner, I was left with this.

I haven’t yet fully found and accepted my why.

This is important.

I’m trying to build something meaningful here…something meant to impact the lives of many.  But I can’t impact if I can’t inspire and I can’t inspire if I don’t know why I want to inspire.

Who do I want to inspire?

What do I want them to inspire them to do?

The answer all lies with finding my “why.”

So at the suggestion of my business partner, I ran out yesterday and picked up this book.  I’m sure I’m probably the last human to not have read this from cover to cover. (**cue laugh**) 

I deliberately purchased the book.  I wanted to feel the pages in my hand.  I wanted my eyes to move across the words as my mind takes them in. Reading is intentional while listening (for me) can be distracted.  I don’t want to miss a morsel of this book.

Stay tuned as I share my thoughts on each chapter as I read and digest them.  I have a long flight coming up on Sunday so that seems like the perfect opportunity to dive in, finish and finally come to terms with my why. 


Published by TheReinventionofShe

I'm a 40 something wife, mother, international businesswoman, and aspiring healthy & lifestyle coach. I love to write and inspire others to be their absolute best selves. I pride myself on being honest and transparent...what you see is what you get!!!

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